MRED Mission is to Develop, Manage and Own world class mixed-use projects that creates a meaningful and exciting live-work-play for all stakeholders.

McClain Real Estate Development (MRED)
1832 J. Julian Lane

Charlotte, North Carolina 28208
Jerry Johnson

MRED views mixed-use development as an opportunity to deliver integration and vibrant urban experience for residents in the Charlotte marketplace. Our commitment to this distinct mixed use type is succeeding in both urban and suburban environments, where mixed-use communities are shaping the places in which people live, work and play.

Developing a mixed-use community capable of producing attractive returns within the hotel, retail, office and multifamily residential spaces, requires knowledge of what it takes to create long-term value in real estate development. MRED has that KNOWLEDGE, ANALYSIS, INNOVATION, NEGOTIATION, and the desire for PERFORMANCE to achieve the results and prove it..



MRED is a real estate development company targeting hotel mixed- use development within the real estate industry. The company is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

THE CHARLOTTE CLUB is a privately owned by McClain Real Estate Development. A real estate development company targeting the mixed-use development segment within the hospitality industry is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. We View hotel mixed-use development as an opportunity to deliver integrated, vibrant, urban experience for residents in each targeted markets.  Our commitment to this distinct product type is to succeed in urban and suburban environments, where mixed-use communities are shaping the places in which people live, work and play.

Jerry Johnson, McClain Real Estate Development

Mr. Johnson is versatile, dynamic, Entrepreneur, Executive Officer and Developer who provides leadership, management and guidance with his ability and talents to dramatically develop a niche product where revenues can intensely compete within marketplaces.  The visionary behind this project and a strong organizer, motivator and team builder with established success in identifying new business models and emerging business opportunities.  He is highly skilled in developing operational strategies and directing a major start-up project from original concept through implementation, then success. His experience also encompasses 37+ years within the hotel industry area of operational, finance and accounting, his experience includes service with Omni, Hilton, Sunterra, Westin, Sheraton, Marriott and some independents hotel management companies, all brand names within the fractional/timeshare and hotel industry.

Project Management: Ryan Black, R. Black Global

Mr. Black founded R. Black Global in 2010 as a vehicle to pursue international development opportunities and provide consulting services for ultra-high net worth investors. Ryan is vested with a rich mix of business development, operations and project finance for billion dollar organizations. He is diversely experienced from start up to work out, turnaround and rapid growth. Mr. Black has brought to XIN Development and other equity firms his proven ability to identify and solve longstanding problems and create solutions that improve operational efficiency.

Hospitality Consultant: Russell Savrann, RISA Hospitality Solutions

Established in 2010, RISA Hospitality Solutions creates and provides to hotel companies practical and effective solutions in the areas of strategic development and investment. Our highly regarded industry counselors lead an interdisciplinary team of professionals to deliver cost-effective, industry-informed counsel for local, regional, national, and international hotel companies. Russ is also a founder of Sandman Savrann PLLC a national boutique law firm, with offices in Boston, New Haven, New York Seattle and Scottsdale, devoted exclusively to the hospitality industry. Russ worked as a Vice President at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide from 2000-2005. 

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