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THe Hard rock brand


The philosophy of hospitality – Rock ‘n’ Roll makes people feel great. That’s been their motto since we started back in 1971, with a plan to bring together good music, good food and good people and enjoy every moment of it. And that’s exactly what went down. Rock stars filled the room and the partying, not   surprisingly, was epic.  But it always went the same way. After the party and sometime before dawn, people would need a place to crash. That’s the inspiration behind Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos. Today, the party never ends. And no one has to go home.

 It's rare for a brand to gain critical mass worldwide and still maintain its authentic spirit. Just as rock 'n' roll spread through the world with a sound that blended cultures and drew fans from all walks of life, Hard Rock has covered the globe with hotels that promise so much more than a place to stay. We embrace the attitudes, cultures and charisma of each location, and bring an energy you can’t find anywhere but Hard Rock.
From the moment rock legend Eric Clapton donated his guitar the first piece of Hard Rock memorabilia to London's original Hard Rock Cafe; we've defined rock 'n' roll as more than an art  form, but a state of mind. Hard Rock Hotels are a place beyond reality, better than the everyday where the childhood dream of rock stardom is all grown up. VIP treatment and 24/7 good times in the world's most exciting destinations.

So go ahead. Taste the nightlife of San Diego's Gaslamp District; discover paradise in the tropical setting of Riviera Maya; try your luck at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood; hit the club scene and the beach at our first European location in Ibiza. Every Hard Rock Hotel takes thespirit of a place and blends it with our vibrant collection of music and memorabilia. Anything can happen. http://www.hardrockhotelsd.com/      

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